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Software H-RADIO

for the receiver ATS25

version 4.1 AIR


The latest software shell for
devices based on the ESP32 microcontroller
with a color touch screen and SI4735 radio

Reviews & discussion

Easy to install and configure

Upgrade your device in a couple of clicks. Now there is no need to learn programming to configure and install the firmware. All settings are made using notepad, and the installation is reduced to selecting the distribution file and downloading it for a minute using a special program. One version for multiple device modifications. On the download page you will find the distribution kit for your configuration, and some hardware settings are made directly on the device itself.


Even more convenient and stable

The updated design and improved control interface algorithms allow you to enjoy the radio broadcast without hesitation. The most vulnerable control element - the encoder is now equipped with a software false alarm filter and supplemented with an on-screen doubler. Your device works stably and predictably, thanks to painstaking processing and thorough testing of all software functions.


All tools are always at hand

The set of functions is selected taking into account all the requirements of radio amateurs for a modern radio receiver. Inheritable basic receiver parameters, such as tuning frequency and modulation type, ensure a smooth transition when changing functions. The standard frequency monitor and basic controls complement a unique set of adapted control screens for various use cases.


The design is in your hands

The appearance of interface elements, a set of stations and broadcasting cities, standard band boundaries according to ITU regions and localization of the interface for your communication language is not a complete list of user-changeable settings. Now it's easier than ever, thanks to the ability to edit files inside the device using a simple file manager and notepad.


Infinite memory for stations

Now there is no need to record the frequencies of interesting stations on scraps of paper. Everything will fit inside your device's memory. The frequency, the type of modulation, the name and the binding to the broadcasting city for each station is easily added to the list limited only by the amount of memory of the microcontroller. The easily updated list of broadcast cities is equipped with the function of automatic scanning and saving of FM stations. Easy memory backup of stations and cities is achieved by simply copying files from the device to the PC.


Always online

Now your receiver is connected to the Internet, which adds a number of new features. Time synchronization, useful information about the passage of waves on different bands, remote control of the receiver using a special API for browsers and mobile applications. Even in conditions where Internet connection is not available, it is possible to use the built-in Wi-Fi access point to control the receiver remotely using your mobile device. As well as software update via the Internet.


The prospects

Thanks to the wide customization and firmware management capabilities of the device, a base has been created for further improvement of the receiver functions both on the basis of the already existing simple scheme, and with the possibility of supplementing the functionality by making schematic changes. The way is open for users to create their own firmware customization packages for personal or public use. You will find all the information about the add-ons on our forum and download page. The software product will continue to be improved based on the wishes of users of amateur radio equipment.